Success Stories

We value our patients' experience at Southampton Chiropractic & Wellness Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire.

  • After almost losing my life to asthma and extensive steroid use, it seemed my quality of life was at a low. Deciding to try Dr. Fiordaliso's chiropractic care was the best decision I have made regarding my health.

    - Brenda R.
  • Dr. Fiordaliso has helped me far beyond my expectations. Years of prescription drugs for back pain have been deemed unnecessary. I seldom take drugs, where I used to take them everyday.

    - Bill C.
  • Being a nursing assistant put strain on my body and caused severe aches. Since committing to Dr. Fiordaliso's chiropractic care, I am now able to do things I normally couldn't do.

    - Ron M.
  • I chose to see Dr. Fiordaliso because I suffered from a constant cough that had developed into chronic bronchitis. Chris took x-rays and found the problem immediately. Through bi-weekly adjustments I have improved 100%.

    - Carol H.
  • I have seen many chiropractors, but Dr. Fiordaliso is by far the best. I have been involved in two car accidents and had always tolerated consistent pain. Because of Dr. Fiordaliso I feel virtually no pain and look forward to my visits for treatment.

    - William K.
  • As a mother of one year old twins, I had numerous back problems and lived with back pain daily. Through weekly adjustments, Dr. Fiordaliso has helped me become pain free. I know when I walk out of Southampton Chiropractic I will feel refreshed and in line.

    - Betsy H.
  • I was suffering with severe headaches for over a month, and had lost hope after countless visits to the ER. After seeing Dr. Fiordaliso my headaches finally diminished! Everyone in the office is extremely friendly. I would definitely refer friends and family to Dr. Fiordaliso.

    - Jessica E.
  • Dr. Fiordaliso has saved my back after six months of non-stop pain. Dr. Fiordaliso and his staff are great; I could't ask for better service!

    - Pat S.
  • Southampton Chiropractic is run by people who care about the well-being of their patients. Dr. Fiordaliso creates personalized treatments for each patient, and has helped me with severe pain for many years.

    - Lisa C.
  • Constant migraines had led me to use multiple prescription drugs that did nothing to ease my pain. After my first visit with Dr. Fiordaliso I was in immediate relief. I was able to stop my use of drugs and live life headache free.

    - Sue M.
  • Medication, muscle relaxers, x-rays... I had tried everything to ease my lower back and arthritis pain. By committing to Dr. Fiordaliso's chiropractic treatment, 35 years of pain was a thing of the past.

    - June M.
  • Dr. Fiordaliso treated me for severe neck pain that I had been suffering with for six years. I no longer need medications top aid my neck, and enjoy weekly visits to Dr. Fiordaliso's office.

    - Jessica A.
  • Dr. Fiordaliso is very caring and knowledgable, his staff is always accommodating and supports and individualized care system. I am extremely happy with the care I've received and recommend Dr. Fiordaliso to everyone!

    - Wendy W.
  • Under the care of Dr. Fiordaliso I am able to feel better and function without joint pain. I have been seeing Dr. Fiordaliso for 13 years, and can say my life has been changed for the better since receiving adjustments.

    - Donna A.
  • Dr. Fiordaliso has given me the life I used to live; my energy is high and I can walk freely without back pain. I have, and do, always recommend Dr. Fiordaliso to everyone!

    - Caroline C.
  • A sports injury had caused me to develop lower back and hip pain, but after seeing Dr. Fiordaliso my pain has diminished. I now have a better quality of life without the worry of previous discomfort

    - Scott W.
  • I can always count on Dr. Fiordaliso to straighten out my back problems. Through regular chiropractic treatment I am able to prevent future troubles and stay pain free.

    - Jean B.
  • As a chronic sufferer of severe cervical and lumber back pain, I have found chiropractic care under Dr. Fiordaliso to be the most successful. With just a few adjustments I began to feel a difference.

    - Scott A.
  • I absolutely recommend Dr. Fiordaliso to everyone, not only for his chiropractic treatment but for laser therapy as well. I have been smoke free for seven years.

    - Trish G.
  • When I first started seeing Dr. Fiordaliso I was in pain and unable to do the things I loved to do. Since I have chosen to commit to his chiropractic care, I am now a happier and healthier person. I am able to wake up without pain!

    - Ron S.
  • Dr. Fiordaliso provides fast and convenient care in a kind and down to earth environment. I highly recommend his care to anyone suffering with pains/ailments.

    - Greg M.

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